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    with its vast courtyards and beautiful fountains
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The Beiteddine Palace is a masterpiece of the early 19th century Lebanese architecture built by Emir Bechir Chehab II around a small Muslim-Druze hermitage. It lies 45 km southeast of Beirut and is situated 900 meters above sea level.

The Beiteddine Palace, with its vast courtyards and beautiful fountains, ochre stone and perfectly geometrical arcades, is a wonderful sight to behold. The imposing doors of inlaid marble, the typical 'mandaloun' balconies closed in by intricate woodwork, and the richly colored windows are all characteristic of the period.

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Al Midan

The front gate leads into a vast courtyard, Dar Al Baranieh/ Al Midan. On the northern side, the courtyard is walled by the Madafa, a long building where the guests were housed.

Dar Al Wousta

A double staircase leads into the inner court, Dar Al Wousta, which consists of different wings around a patio adorned with a flowing fountain.

The Emir’s private apartments

The Emir’s private apartments and reception halls lie beyond the richly carved doorway leading to Dar Al Hareem. The splendor of which is breathtaking: tiled courtyards decorated with multicolored mosaics, hand painted wood paneling.

Hammams or Turkish baths

The Hammams or Turkish baths are beautifully decorated with beautiful arcades, delicate sculptures and a constant play of light through stained glass windows set in the domed roof.


  • Exceptional Byzantine Mosaic Museum from the 4th and 5th century,
  • Ethnographic Museum (Phoenician pottery, Roman glass, traditional costumes, jewellery)

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